• July School Holidays  The school holidays are 8-21 July.  We are looking to organise treasure hunts or scavenger hunts along the street to encourage families into Petone.  We will be sending out an email some time in June with details and asking for businesses to participate.

Please share with us if you are going to have any children’s activities/workshops/events.  These can be added to the events page on our website, or you are welcome to submit your event for FREE: https://www.jacksonstreet.co.nz/petone-events/community/add

  • Club Finals Day  On Saturday, 27 July, Petone Recreation Ground will host Club Finals Day – this means there will be rugby games there played all day.  This will potentially bring thousands of supporters to Petone from right across the wider Wellington region from morning through to night.

Just some suggestions for you to ponder over:

  • Club day specials/sales
  • Naming some of your specials or dishes with a rugby theme.  If you need some help, contact Karen in the office as she’s the rugby fanatic!
  • Decorating your windows with rugby paraphernalia and/or Petone’s colours of navy blue and white which will get your business noticed by those heading to the park

 Before the club finals day, we will do coordinated website and Facebook posts – happy to promote your specials, etc.

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