A word from Hine Sullivan – Hutt City Council’s new City Safety Manager

Kia Ora Koutou,

I am the newly appointed Hutt City Council City Safety Manager.  Hutt City Council works hard to make Lower Hutt a safe city for all who live, work in and visit our City.

Council cannot achieve this on their own, and we rely on collaborative partnerships with various organisations, community/business groups, residents, etc, to do so.  One of our key partners are the Police.

Police and Council meet on a regular basis to discuss safety issues that will/are having an impact on the City and consider the best course of action to address these concerns.  In Petone, there has been a ‘spike’ in shoplifting and day time burglaries. To support the Police response, I have reassigned Council’s Safe City Ambassadors to provide a high profile presence in Petone. I am also available to meet with businesses, review their safety concerns and discuss options to strengthen the processes they have in place.

Hine’s tip:
Greet all customers as they enter the shop. Not only is this a great way to engage with your customers but it’s also lets potential shoplifters know that you are aware of their presence. This is likely to make shoplifters feel uncomfortable and they will leave.

Hine’s background:
Hine served for 23 years in the NZ Police, working in various departments including General During is, CIB, Youth Services and overseas deployments in the Solomon Islands, Bougainville PNG and Tonga.

Hine accepted a 1 year contract with World Vision International as the Security Manager for PNG, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste and Vanuatu. She was offered a number of extensions to this contract. Eventually Hine made the decision to resign from the Police whilst working in PNG and remained with WVI In the Pacific for 4.5 years.

When Hine returned to NZ late September 2013, she worked at the Wellington City Council in the Community Services unit.

{Hine spoke at the latest Business Networking event held in the Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe on Tuesday 21 August.  Our thanks to her, and to Ken & Richelle Okada for hosting the event.}

A word from the JSP: TAGGING
The JSP office has noticed an increase in the amount of tagging (illegal graffiti) along Jackson Street over the last couple of months.  We all want our street to look clean and tidy, and Mayor Ray Wallace, in particular, is extremely anti-tagging.  The Hutt City Council have a fantastic team who remove tagging quickly, therefore if you see any tagging on your building, business, seating, bins, etc, please report it to the Council by filling in their online Report a Problem form: https://gissecure.huttcity.govt.nz/RAP/viewer/ , or get in touch with them on 04 570 6666; alternatively text FREE to 3143 with the word TAG and then the ‘tagged’ address details.

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