An Associate Member’s Story

Diana, Manager from Take Care: 57 Cuba Street, Petone

Take Care is an alternative holistic clinic.  Diana has been with Take Care for 15 years after working in Germany (she is German/American).  She’s been in the health industry for over 33 years and is a qualified massage therapist. She also is specialises in trauma, reconstructural bodyworks, sports injuries, acupressure massage, energy healing, foot reflexology, carpal tunnel reversal and bunion reversal (to avoid surgery).

Diana personalises her treatments, “it’s an individual process – I work holistically (mind, both emotionally and mentally, and body), and I have an organic approach.  There’s more to people’s issues than just a massage will help with. I do body checkups where I can find out what the underlying issues are and make health assessments”.  Diana is dedicated to her work – she’s always studying new methods and learning new techniques to become an even better clinician.

Nina, Take Care’s owner, is an awareness teacher and hypnotherapist.

The clinic receives referrals from other health professionals such as doctors/GP’s, as well as referrals from existing clients.  They also have several clients from leaflets left in a number of businesses along Jackson Street. They have a free clinic for children under 12 years, and a reduction of fees for those over 65 years.  The clinic is open Wednesday-Sunday from 10am-7pm. After-hour appointments are available on request.

Nina and Diana enjoy being in Petone – their clients come from all over the Wellington region so Petone is a central place for their clinic.  Take Care also sees the benefits of being an Associate Member of the Jackson Street Programme – it helps them to become better known to the rest of the Petone community, as well as a higher profile with having a page on the JSP’s website.

In her day-to-day life outside the of clinic, Diana’s written a script for a sci-fi movie and loves reading sci-fi books too. She was previously a chef – she loves cooking and has recently lost 45kgs and is using this weight-loss to inspire and advise others as it’s an important health issue.  She also looks after a person with special needs.

For further information or to make an appointment, please call 568-9822.

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