Cruise Ship Season

Tuesday, 2 October, marks the start of the cruise ship season, which will be the biggest yet, with 50,000 extra passengers arriving in Wellington.

Last year, 82 cruise ships berthed in Wellington, however, during the next seven months 110 ships will berth in the port, with about 320,000 passengers and crew on board.

This is good news for Petone businesses.  Every season many passengers head out to Petone for shopping, eating, sight-seeing and to hear about our history.  We know this as many passengers visit the JSP office and Old Jail Museum.  We always ask where they’re from and how did they find out about Petone – this also helps with keeping statistics on visitor numbers.  Many of them see Petone from across the harbour (this is where we have an advantage over other places in the Wellington region), so ask about Petone from either the information desk on board their ship or the CentrePort staff once docked.

If you want to know when each ship comes in and leaves, you can download the schedule:

Don’t forget to send any passengers (or other tourists) to us – we have a small information point n the Historic Police Station.

Photo: Radiance of the Seas – can carry 2502 passengers – first ship in port (photo is not Wellington!)

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