Jackson Street … Are you our next CupCycling Community in New Zealand?

In October last year we contacted the café owners along Jackson Street regarding this CupCycling™ Programme.  It is the very first reusable ‘cup swap system’ to be rolled out in New Zealand and it is an effective, cost-effective, tested and measured reuse system, which really does work.

What is The CupCycling™ Programme?

Conceived by Steph & Nick, the proud Lower Hutt Kiwis behind IdealCup™, The CupCycling™ Programme is the very first ‘reusable cup swap system’ to be rolled out in New Zealand; using the very best in New Zealand made, lifetime reusable cups from IdealCup™! We also used to own and operate Celcius Cafe on Hutt Road Petone, so we’re super passionate about Petone!


Started in July 2017 in Motueka, CupCycling™ has proven itself to be a simple and effective REUSE SYSTEM, which really does do what it says – reduces thousands and thousands of single-use cups from landfill!

Already in 9 regions throughout NZ and now overseas too, we’ve diverted thousands and thousands of single use cups from landfill using our simple, effective and community focused CupCycling™ programme.

CupCycling™ is NOT a model designed for our business’ commercial gain. We developed the programme as a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE; to sit alongside our IdealCup business – its focus is PEOPLE OVER PROFIT!

CupCycling™ is about engaging with PEOPLE and have a real discussion about Culture Change; getting ALL OF US working together to make a COMMITMENT to move away from our single use culture we have created. We have a strong vision to make a cultural shift in kiwis mindsets, providing a reuse model which really does change habits; rather than just paying lip service to it.

CupCycling™ stems from our VISION to broker discussion and bring like minded people together. So our model isn’t about promoting our IdealCup brand, nor is it about promoting individual cafe brands – it’s about EVERYONE SUPPORTING a regional identity and working together to reduce single use waste from landfill in the community.

How does it work?

With CupCycling™, multiple participating cafes in a community/region band together to reduce disposable cup waste to landfill, by promoting the CupCycling™ “reusable cup swap” system throughout their region.

With CupCycling™, the customer pays a one off $10 ‘ MEMBERSHIP‘ (includes the first coffee) to join the CupCycling™ Programme and enjoy the ongoing use of a reusable CupCycling™ cup from any participating cafe in the region or around the country.

Customers simply return their dirty cup to any participating CupCycling™ cafe each day, get a clean cup with their drink and therein-after, just pay for the drink – no need to pay each time… once they’ve paid their $10 bucks, they’re in the family and around and around the cups go!

We’re already seeing the CupCycling™ cups moving around the country, from CupCycling™ region to CupCycling™ region – it’s incredibly exciting and it’s also a powerful way to showcase a community identity and brand. Dunedin’s CupCycling™ cups are “hot” and they have had a HUGE uptake from the community.

Community Engagement

We’re so proud very so many regions around New Zealand have reached out to us, to make CupCycling™ a reality in their region.

We constantly receive such positive feedback from our wonderful regions, telling us how they completely “get” what we’ve set out to achieve, that the model is so community focused and has such a positive ‘feel good’ vibe for everyone in the community.

We also get extremely positive support and buy-in from regional councils and stakeholders, thrilled to support a New Zealand made product and initiative, that they are proud to put their name on.

Our CupCycling™ regions understand the intentions of our Programme and have chosen to support our model, to represent their sustainable goals and beliefs, whilst they continue to strengthen their values as a community within our beautiful Aotearoa.

We’ve      proudly      and      successfully      rolled      out CupCycling™ in the following regions:

  • Dunedin City
  • Cromwell
  • Upper Hutt City
  • Richmond
  • Golden Bay
  • Nelson
  • Titirangi
  • Wellington
  • And even Prince George in British Columbia, Canada!

And we have heaps more regions interested to join CupCycling™ in 2019 including:

  • Whakatane
  • Thames
  • Queenstown
  • Wanaka
  • Cambridge
  • Hawkes Bay
  • Southland
  • Tauranga
  • Paihia

It’s a ONE OFF Cost – No ongoing Monthly Fees

The CupCycling™ Programme is a ONE OFF, upfront cost, with no ongoing monthly fees or transactions.

You simply sign up, pay once and then proceed to not only save the planet, but make your business money and save your business money – it’s a win, win, win!

We also work hard to get council and/or stakeholder buy-in, with a view to securing some money towards the upfront cost of the programme for the cafes in your region.

To date we have successfully secured funding for the majority of the regions we have rolled out with CupCycling™ and The Jackson Street Programme strongly supports our vision to roll-out CupCycling™ in their community.

So come on Petone … let’s make this a reality and make Jackson Street & Petone Disposable Cup Free with CupCycling™

For more information please CONTACT US:

  • Websote :                          www.idealcup.co.nz/cupcycling
    • Call Steph :                          021 226 3333
    • Facebook & Insta:           @idealcupnewzealand & cupcyclingnz

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