The Jackson Street Programme Inc has been approached by a supplier to offer to those businesses along the street particularly those in the hairdressing and beauty industries if they need access to a supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) They are offering Isolation gowns three options, face shields, eye protect ware and masks all approved by the Ministry of Health and Pharmac. This company has a supply contract with DHB nationwide. To download and for more information of the presentation and offer please call Hellen on 027 528 6799.

COVID-19 – information in other languages

Here are some prepared videos in a variety of language for ethnic communities. Please share these with your communities and those you know who speak a language. It is important for everyone to understand New Zealand’s current situation. Follow this link

Children’s Videos

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Looking for great explanations for the children regarding Coronavirus, please check out these couple of links from Dr Michelle Dickson aka Nanogirl:

How to teach your children how hand washing helps prevents the spread of coronavirus

Funerals and burials under the lockdown

New rules are in place for taking care of our deceased loved ones during the lockdown. The rules apply to everyone, every culture, every religion, regardless of the cause of death. Follow this link

COVID scam warning

Scammers are using COVID-19 to steal information and gain access to individuals’ devices. These scams take the form of emails and text messages pretending to be from known organisations. An example of a current scam email claims to be from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and includes a file for ‘Immunity tips’ against COVID-19. Once the file is opened it releases malware, sending personal information to the scammer. Follow this link

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