Based at 268 Jackson Street, Petone

  • We recycle everything from our plastics, paper, to the foil that we use on people’s heads.  We personally drop our foil off to the recycles every week and everything else is recycled using our recycle bins out the back.
  • We also only use cruelty free products in the salon, no animal testing, no products that are sold in China (as this is still funding animal testing)
  • Our extensions are ethically sourced meaning all donors are willing to donate their hair and paid a fair price for it.
  • I am about to launch my own hair extension range and I have also developed plant based hair-care range especially for extensions and coloured hair, which means that everything that runs down the plug hole is not having a negative impact on the environment, for example the product we use to create the foam in our shampoo is made from coconut sugar rather than toxic detergents.  All the packaging is recyclable and eco friendly too, and I am currently looking at a reward system once we launch to other salons (in about 5 weeks) where clients get $1 off per bottle if they bring their empty ones back when they purchase new ones.  That way we are responsible for the lifespan of our bottles.

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