The JSP co-hosted a “Meet the Candidates” meeting for Mayoral and City-Wide candidates at the Petone Working Men’s Club on Wednesday 18 September.  Candidates feedback from the evening: “one of the best structured meetings we’ve had so far”, “thank you for a well-polished meeting”, and “thanks for a well organised and well facilitated meeting”.

The Mayoral candidates had 3 minutes and the City-Wide candidates had 90 seconds to tell the audience why they were standing.   Then came question time – as there were 19 candidates present, they were asked a question which three candidates answered, then the next three candidates had a different question, and so on.  The questions, 24 in all, were a mix of written ones from the audience, from Jackson Street businesses, and JSP. Examples of questions asked:

  • What would be your top three Petone projects you would list that you would support?
  • Petone is viewed as one of the gateways to Lower Hutt – have you looked at the streetscape and is this the face we want to showcase to our visitors?
  • Traffic management is of concern to those who live in Petone as well as business owners as there is a growing perception that Petone is getting into the too hard basket to shop and play, so what would you do to address these concerns?
  • The (Lower Hutt) economic stimulus package appears to be ring-fenced for big businesses or for businesses in certain areas.  How do we level the playing field for all?
  • What is so bad about the Council supporting developers in the city?  Doesn’t development increase social and economic benefits?
  • What does a resilient community look like to you?
  • Businesses need more parking on Jackson Street for courier vans and more parking for the disabled – how do we work towards this?

We really appreciate our Master of Ceremonies Beryl Anderson for a job well done, and time-keeper Mike Fisher who made sure everyone got a fair go.  Our thanks also to the Petone Working Men’s Club for the use of their premises.

Photo Credit: candidates Brady Dyer and Shazly Rasheed

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