Based at 291 Jackson Street, Petone

  • We sell a keeper cup with our logo and offer a discount for anyone who brings their own cup.
  • We use paper bags and paper take away containers
  • We have reusable straws or paper straws
  • We sell eco bags made of jute, cotton and synthetic (all cat themed of course!)
  • We recycle all that we can.  Our waste company even takes plastic wrappings.
  • We use the line to dry our washing as much as possible.
  • We use eco-friendly dishwasher detergent.
  • We save the coffee grinds and use them for compost.  We hope to give away more to others who want them for their garden.
  • Richelle has a worm farm at home and has liters and liters of “worm tea” available for anyone who wants this excellent fertilizer.  (It has been a goal for a while to offer it to the community gardens on the street, but I have not gotten around to it…)

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