Succession First

Robbie Schneider, owner of Succession First, Doreen Doolan Mall in Britannia Street (plus JSP Board Member) spoke at a conference in Anaheim in November 2017 with 2,500 business entrepreneurs from 75 countries about Socially Responsible and Ethical Investing.  Robbie states, “With global warming becoming more and more evident, we believe that investors can help improve the well being of the planet by directing their investments, such as KiwiSaver, Superannuation plans etc. into SRI and ethical funds. These type of investments exclude Military weapons(manufacture, trade etc.), Nuclear Power, Fossil Fuels, Pornography, Tobacco, Alcohol, GMO, etc.

We are also seeing a big movement into investing for environmental solutions such and wind power, solar farms, electric vehicles (EV), large scale ocean clean – up projects, removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere etc. and investors are enjoying great benefits not only from the returns, but by the positive difference these companies are making to the environment and planet we live on.

Thank you JSP, for helping us gain exposure for what we believe is one way humanity can be helped from Petone.  I am back again to do more of the same in Anaheim to a bigger audience this year from November 4–10.”


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