Based at 241 Jackson Street, Petone

At Planet Retro we only offer paper bags and one large reusable plastic bag if its requested by customers. 

All packaging from new stock is recycled.

We often use vintage fabrics in our PR Originals range of mens and womens clothing.  We have a huge range of vintage kimono imported from Kyoto, Japan.  These textiles are exquisite with plenty of life and love still left in them.  

Fabric remnants left from our dressmaking are incorporated into more garments or sold as is in-store to be reworked again.  We also usually have a small range of vintage fabric PR Originals tote bags.  
Our dressmaker is an artist and even uses threads from her over locker to make and stuff small birds and other pieces of art.

Vintage paper is also put to use at Planet Retro.  Whenever possible we use old maps and sewing pattern as tissue and wrapping paper.  Price tags are often cut up pages and pictures from vintage books.  Comic pages when available are sewn together to make unique gift bags and made into pendants and brooches, likewise vintage NZ postage stamps.

Look for little product signs instore  compiled from old scrabble pieces!

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