Heritage Month is only a few weeks away!

  • Walk of Champions: on Saturday, 8 September, we are unveiling three more bronze plaques starting outside Bin Inn (211 Jackson Street) at 10.30am honouring the following sportspeople:
  1. 1964 Soccer: JJ (John) Ryan
  2. 2012, 2015-16 Rowing: Axel Dickinson
  3. 2013-15 Rowing: Erin-Monique O’Brien
  • 110th Anniversary of the Historic Police Station and Old Jail: a ceremony to mark this anniversary, together with the launch of “The Petone Beat” exhibition and updated pamphlet is on Saturday 22 September starting the Jackson Street Programme office at 10.30am outside 274b Jackson Street
  • Old Jail Museum: will be open Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm

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