Based at 201 Jackson Street, sustainable practices are a huge part of our business.

You can choose to purchase New and Pre Loved from us;

  • Selling/buying pre-loved clothing keeps these out of the land fills reducing co2 emissions.
  • Buying our New options you’re investing in the best quality and likely to really look after it, owning it for many years into the future.

We are proud to work with and offer NZ labels and small businesses (like us) with a socially conscious business model with practises including environmental thought through production, fair working conditions, also using recyclable and bio degradable packaging.

Consignment garments that are not sold are often passed on to charities like dressed for Success where they can further help woman in a sustainable way.

We reuse bags between consigning customers for passing clothing to and from each other. Many of our customers bring their own re usable bags to hold their purchases in. 

Fast fashion is overwhelming and scary.  Together were definitely breaking ground in this movement of buying Pre-loved and Slow Fashion, theres still a way to go yet.

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